About Us


The Executive Yuan implements the goal of EMI courses
which is set in the 2030 bilingual policy
blueprint to enforce student’s English ability.


    The establishment of the school of management (in the following will be called “our school”) will help to improve the global mobility of the students. The vision of training bilingual talent of the school of management is corresponding to the internationalization strategy of NCU’s development.

     The school of management owns abundant resources of teaching and doing research, and integrates different special dimensions into the courses In addition, students in our school also do the great job on the foreign language’s certifications, and there will be over 60% students in our school will have the English ability that is over the standard of B2. The performance of our school is the best compared to all the other schools in NCU and thus our school has played an important role in implementing the goal of internationalization of NCU.
       In the meantime, our school supports the ministry affairs of our university to achieve the goal collaboratively. We share the means and results of the EMI courses and the teachers training by the bilingual teaching resources office of our university with other universities. By doing so, we can also attract foreign students to study in NCU, improve positive competition in students and promote the international competitiveness of talents in Taiwan